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Hello, I'm Joe. Learn why I like pangolins, and who I want to say thank you to for helping me build this website. 


My name is Joe. I am eight years old and I live in Surrey. I first heard about pangolins at school when we had a science lesson about mammals. I had never heard of them before and made the common mistake of thinking they were an anteater or an armadillo.

My teacher explained that they were endangered and that in some cultures they believe the scales can be used as medicine. It seemed so unfair, cruel and wrong to me. 

Once I got home I started to do more research about pangolins to find out how I could help. I found the Born Free Foundation website and there was an option on there to adopt a pangolin. I saved up my pocket money and after a few months I had enough to adopt one myself. 

I was so proud to do this and I told my family and friends about it. My teacher was proud of me too and I even talked to the Headmaster about it. 

Since then I have adopted more animals (an Orca whale and pod of dolphins) but pangolins are still my favourite animals. 


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I want to say thank you to the following people who have helped me with my project. 

My teacher, Mrs. Nicholson - for teaching me about pangolins and being a kind teacher to me. 


My Mummy - for helping me to build the website and showing me how it works. 

Joanne Bartholomew from the Born Free Foundation - she said I could use their photos on my website and they were interested in my project. 


Manu, the designer on Fiverr - she created the Pangolin Joe logo and I think its really cool.


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